You Don’t Have To Be A Designer To Get Camo Truck Accessories

February 18, 2013 at 4:11 pm

Using camo truck accessories is a great way to really bring your truck to life and make it stand out in the sea of other Rams, Silverados, and Dakotas on the road. Whether you’re looking for camo to go off-roading, hunting, or just because you like the look, we’ve got you covered. However, the problem that you’ll run into is figuring out which accessories are the best and also which accessories will work best for your truck. You don’t have to be a fancy designer or pay someone to “Pimp Your Ride” in order to get camo for your truck. Just follow these tips and turn your plain looking truck into a camo machine of excellence!

Types of Camo Accessories

You can pretty much apply the camo look to any part of your truck. Whether or not it will look good is a matter of taste however. But in order to give you some sort of idea as to the diverse options you have, here are some of the different types of camo truck accessories available.

License plates covers: You can get a license plate cover with a camo design for very cheap. This is often a good place to start because it’s easy to do and isn’t overbearing.

Hitch Covers: Another cheap camo truck accessory that you can start out with is a hitch cover. They’re easily interchangeable and a fun little addition to your truck.

Interior: You can get camo wheel covers, floor mats, seat covers, visor covers, and other interior accessories as well. Some people even like to go as far as changing the actual carpet in their truck to camouflage but that requires a bit of work if you intend to DIY.

Rear window: I’m sure you’ve seen the popular camouflage rear window graphics on trucks before. They are a great camo accessory for your tuck that also server a way to keep people from looking inside.

Trimmings: You can add camo accessories to your fender, wind deflectors, and hood of your truck as well. This is when you really start to have fun with camo accessories because they’re no longer just enjoyable from the inside of the cab.

Determine What Accessories You Want to Buy

A mistake that a lot of people make when buying car accessories in general is not having any idea about what it is they want. You know you want camo, but you have no idea if you want camo fender flares, rain guards, wind deflectors, etc. So when it comes time to actually shop, you start spending a lot more time and money than you should.

In order to avoid this, go out and look at your truck. Think about where you would like to see some camo accessories applied. Do you want camo on the interior such as wheel covers, seat covers, etc.? Would a camo hood protector/bug deflector look good on your truck? These are things you need to think about before you start shopping because they’ll determine what you’re looking for. When you skip this step, you’ll go out looking for accessories and find that you don’t know what accessories actually fit your truck or even what you want. Basically you’ll end up leaving empty handed because you had no idea what you were looking for. Either that or you’ll walk out with a bunch of things that you neither need nor want.

Start With the Interior

There really is no right or wrong place to start putting camo accessories on your truck. But if you’re a little timid or on the fence about it, I’d recommend starting with the cab of the truck. Parts like wheel covers and floor mats are cheap and easily replaceable. On the off chance that you decide that you don’t really want the camo look, you haven’t sunk hundreds of dollars into accessories already. Also, it’s pretty much a common practice to have camo accessories on the interior if you have them on the exterior so it’s a logical choice to start inside.

Taking it to the Next Level

So you’ve gotten all of the camo accessories you wanted in the form of attachments, now what? If you have the funds and desire to do so, you can actually start going all in at this point. This means actually changing out the stock parts of your truck for camo designed parts. This could include painting your truck, switching out steering wheel, reupholstering your interior etc. This is really for the die-hard camo enthusiast that really wants to go beyond the basics.

Shop Online

Here at, we offer low priced camo truck accessories. In general, you will usually find that the prices you see online for truck accessories are cheaper than what you’ll get in stores. Not only that, but you’ll have a much wider selection online as well. You don’t have to go broke buying camo for your truck, and shopping online is a great way to lower your costs.

When possible, try to make sure that you’re buying matching accessories made by the same manufacturer. I mean matching in terms of the camo pattern and the build of the parts. It prevents your truck from looking awkward and mismatched. For instance, we have a selection of camo accessories offered from Stampede so you can be assured that each accessory goes together to give your truck a clean and unified look.