Ventvisors for your Car, Truck, or SUV

September 21, 2012 at 6:47 pm

Have you ever had to roll down your window at the bank or drive-through on a rainy day and your arm and inside of your door get drenched from the rain runoff. Ventvisors for the windows will prevent this from happening. You can even have your window rolled down a bit and stay dry. The ventvisors come in sets of four or two depending on your vehicle so that you and your passengers can enjoy the fresh air and stay dry.

Each Ventshade rain guard is made of reinforced impact-resistant acrylic in attractive dark smoke acrylic. Easy to install with strong 3M brand OEM-approved tape. Vent visors are available in 2 models, Tape-On and In-Channel. The Tape-On ventvisor is taped to the outside of the window frame. The in-channel vent visor fits in the window channel and is taped inside the frame. In-Channel ventvisors are more popular because the edges are hidden and offer a more clean installation. The 3M tape is extremely strong and will hold the vent visor in place for the life of the truck or SUV. Vent Visors are also called rainguards or ventshades or ventvisors

Also available are truck vent visors in Chrome finish or Camo finish. Seven distinct patterns may be selected with the camoflage configurator and are Tape-On install only. Chrome finish is available in both Tape-On and In-Channel varieties.

WeatherTech makes a unique precision ventvisor called a Weatherflector. Weatherflectors have a light grey tint or dark smoke color and fit into the window channel without the use of any tape. If you want great looks and the ability to easily remove the vent visor, then this is your choice.