Top Four Guards to Get for Your Truck

May 31, 2013 at 8:01 pm

There are a few different guard options to outfit your truck with so you can keep it protected and looking polished. Here are the most effective truck guard options:

Splash Guards


Check out some universal splash guards from Highland Contura and Powerflow Profit that are super easy to install. Each mud flap has two parts, one fits to the cars body and one inside the wheel well. Splash guards will help defend your car from rock chips and tar stains, keeping it cleaner and healthier looking overtime. Make sure to buy one set of splash guards for the front and one for your back (they come in pairs).

Grill Guards


Ultimate Auto Accessories has grill guards by Aries, Westin and Steelcraft that are built to full capacity using high quality materials resistant to corrosion and rust. Each one is designed to easily install into pre-existing factory holes, so there’s no drilling required. Our guards come in:

- Chrome-plated stainless steel

- Polished stainless steel

- Black powder coat finish (strong and environmentally friendly)

*Ultimate Auto Accessories offers a lifetime warranty when you purchase chrome and polished stainless steel grill guard models.

Truck Headache Racks


Our company has reliable STK Pro Racks that offer protection against injury and damage to your cab caused by shifting cargo. What’s more: They also look great. Truck racks ensure your vehicle’s structure is secure to carry ladders and manage tough or cumbersome cargo. They can be installed easily with bedliners, tool boxes and rail caps.

Bug Deflectors


Nothing can ruin a good-looking truck like a bunch of bug marks and stone ticks. Protect your vehicle against nasty bugs and damaging stones with our:

- Camo bug deflectors

- Ford bug deflectors

- Chevy bug shields

- Chrome bug shields

- And the “Interceptor” Lund bug shield

Checkout our website for car bug deflectors and other truck guard options.