Top 5 Accessories for Your Truck Bed

April 19, 2013 at 2:26 pm

There are limitless options to improve the look and functionality of your truck. The addition of certain accessories for your truck bed can help improve the safety and security of the cargo you choose to haul or house in your vehicle, and certain options can even improve your fuel economy. The top five accessories for your truck bed are as follows:

Bed Caps


Bed caps not only give your vehicle a sleek, factory look, they also help protect your bed against rail damage. Truck bed caps by Wade and Putco are very easy and quick to install. Prevent scratches and dents from sullying the look of your vehicle with a matching tailgate and front cap. Other features include:

  • Compatibility with tool boxes, shells or cargo covers
  • Smooth or ribbed finish from Wade or stainless steel/aluminum from Putco
  • Available with or without stake holes

Tonneau Covers


Truck bed covers add an immense sense of style to your vehicle. The easy, no drill installation takes just about one hour. There are many advantages to adding a tonneau cover to your truck, including:

  • Improved fuel economy through concise airflow
  • Secure cargo when parked or driving
  • Optional bed track system available

Bed Extender


A truck bed extender allows you to carry precious cargo like motorcycles, landscaping equipment, watercrafts, and anything else you need to carry around in your truck bed. Ultimate Auto Accessories offers a custom bed extender that installs in minutes. Advantages include:

  • Ability to secure and carry items like tools, gear and gas cans, without the fear of them sliding around
  • Decreased threat of damage to your cargo
  • Easy transport of large or small loads

Truck Bed Liners


Ultimate Auto Accessories has three premium options for bedliners that are priced at a discount for your convenience. Installing a bedliner is:

  • Easy and convenient
  • Keeps your truck bed like new
  • Ensures the security of your cargo

Bed Rails


Bed rails from Steelcraft and Putco are available through Ultimate Auto Accessories for Ford models, Chevy, Dodge, GMA, Toyota, and Nissan. Advantages include:

  • No rust, stainless steel applications
  • Improved vehicle appearance
  • Multiple tie-down locations for any cargo in your truck bed
  • No-drill, easy installation on trucks with stake pockets

The immediate benefits of adding the abovementioned additions to your vehicle’s bed are the improved appearance and functionality after installation. The easy install of most accessories makes them a must to advance the life of your truck and the safety of the cargo you carry with it.