The Benefits of Having a Floor Mat for Your Truck

April 4, 2013 at 8:50 pm

So, what’s the big deal about floor mats? Why the need to have a good quality mat when your truck carpet is enough?


Without any further ado, let me just mention some of the hazards of common truck carpets:

  • All the mud, moisture, dirt, and gravel from your shoes gets stuck to your carpet, making it dirty and foul smelling overtime
  • If you like eating in your truck (which I sure you do) then any soda, food, or coffee dropped on the carpet will make a permanent stain
  • There is very little or no friction between your feet and your truck, which can also be hazardous while entering or exiting the truck
  • Gum or pieces of mud from your shoes dries and turns into a sticky-or worse-hard mess.
  • A dirty carpet smells bad and makes the truck interior look dirty and unappealing to both drivers and passengers

Now that you have looked at the downside of not having floor mats, let’s look at some of the benefits of having a floor mat for your truck:

  • Floor mats protect your truck from the stains that could devalue your vehicle
  • Any food, coffee or soda you drop can be easily cleaned and also does not leave a stain on the interior of your truck’s original carpet
  • If you install all-weather floor mats, you can have protection from severe weather all year round
  • Any mud, water, dirt, etc. gets trapped in the floor mat and doesn’t reach your truck floor, preventing it from getting stained and dirty
  • Floor mats provide better foot friction while entering, exiting or driving the vehicle
  • Finally, floor mats also give a nice and stylish look to the interior of your truck

You can get floor mats based on the region you live in and the weather conditions there. If you live in a region where you experience all sorts of weather, all-weather floor mats are for you. They will protect your vehicle from muddy, water-drenched shoes and/or dirty, snow covered boots. If you live in the southwest, where the weather gets dry, you can settle for stylish floor mats.

At Ultimate Auto Accessories, you will find floor mats of different types and brands to serve your needs.
The various brands we carry are:

  • Lloyd Custom Made Floor Mats
  • Nifty Mats
  • Husky Mats
  • WeatherTech Mats
  • Fan Mat Team Logo Mats