Camo truck accessories for your Pick up truck

March 30, 2013 at 11:53 pm

So, You are an outdoor enthusiast who puts his stuff on the truck bed and goes outdoor for camping or hunting. What are some extremely cool ways to modify your truck exterior so that fits the outdoor surrounding perfectly? Camo truck accessories or camouflage truck accessories that blend your truck perfectly with the environment.

Tiger, the most dangerous of the big cats also uses camouflage as a technique to attack on its prey. The stripes on the tiger perfectly blend in with the forest trees. The prey is unaware of the presence of the tiger and gets attacked. Similarly Camo truck accessories provide various parts which you can install on your truck and make it look like a part of the surrounding.

Camo offers various truck accessories that you can install on your truck. The different parts are:

-          Camo Bug deflectors

-          Camo Rain guards

-          Camo sunroof deflectors

-          Camo mud flaps

-          Camo Tail light covers

-          Camo Fender Flares

-          Camo Hood Shields

-          Camo Vent Visors

Camo parts are built with highest standard possible quality materials. Before the products are shipped out to dealers, the parts are tested in extreme outdoor condition to check for durability and strength. All camo parts are printed with Ultra violet stable light fast ink in order to reduce the fading when exposed to sunlight. This not only keeps the parts looking like new forever but also increases their lifetime. Moreover, of you want to install camo parts on the truck as per your choice, Stampede Camo products can also be custom made according to the specifications of your truck.

You have a choice to choose for 7 different patterns for your trucks. The licensed camo truck patterns are Mossy Oak, Matthew and Realtree


Below are pictures of Camo Truck accessories on Dodge and Ford Pickup trucks


Camo parts on a Dodge Ram Truck


Camo pattern on a Ford Pickup truck