Top Four Guards to Get for Your Truck

May 31, 2013 at 8:01 pm

There are a few different guard options to outfit your truck with so you can keep it protected and looking polished. Here are the most effective truck guard options:

Splash Guards


Check out some universal splash guards from Highland Contura and Powerflow Profit that are super easy to install. Each mud flap has two parts, one fits to the cars body and one inside the wheel well. Splash guards will help defend your car from rock chips and tar stains, keeping it cleaner and healthier looking overtime. Make sure to buy one set of splash guards for the front and one for your back (they come in pairs).

Grill Guards


Ultimate Auto Accessories has grill guards by Aries, Westin and Steelcraft that are built to full capacity using high quality materials resistant to corrosion and rust. Each one is designed to easily install into pre-existing factory holes, so there’s no drilling required. Our guards come in:

- Chrome-plated stainless steel

- Polished stainless steel

- Black powder coat finish (strong and environmentally friendly)

*Ultimate Auto Accessories offers a lifetime warranty when you purchase chrome and polished stainless steel grill guard models.

Truck Headache Racks


Our company has reliable STK Pro Racks that offer protection against injury and damage to your cab caused by shifting cargo. What’s more: They also look great. Truck racks ensure your vehicle’s structure is secure to carry ladders and manage tough or cumbersome cargo. They can be installed easily with bedliners, tool boxes and rail caps.

Bug Deflectors


Nothing can ruin a good-looking truck like a bunch of bug marks and stone ticks. Protect your vehicle against nasty bugs and damaging stones with our:

- Camo bug deflectors

- Ford bug deflectors

- Chevy bug shields

- Chrome bug shields

- And the “Interceptor” Lund bug shield

Checkout our website for car bug deflectors and other truck guard options.

Accessories to make your truck look sporty

May 24, 2013 at 8:28 pm

Let’s face the truth, the pickup trucks that we have in the market all look good and sturdy. Weather its the mean look of Dodge Ram or the Sturdy robust design of Ford F-series, Pick-up trucks have good styling. However If you still want to add more style and make your truck look sporty, there are many exterior accessories that you can install to achieve this. Below are a few

Bull Bars

Bull Bars add an extra touch of ruggedness look to your pickup truck with extra front grille protection. Bull bars boast solid steel cover for vulnerable grille detail. Protecting just the middle, a bull bar stands duty without an overly dominating appearance. And, many bull bars come in rugged black or smooth polished finishes. Moreover, Bull Bars look great on a truck whether they are with or without Lights.

Ford Truck Accessory - Bull Bars

Bull Bar without Lights

Ford Truck Accessory - Bull bars

Bull Bars with Lights

Hood Scoops

A simple and an easy way to add high performance look to your truck is to install Hood Scoops. With no drilling necessary, hood scoops are the easiest to fit. Hood Scoop gives your truck the performance and the sporty look that they lack. It is not necessary, that you have to use both, but the combination of a Bull Bar and a hood scoop will make the front end of your car look sporty. Other cars will immediately give you way when they will spot your car in their rear view mirror.

Truck accessories - hood scoops

Fender Flares

With Fender flares you can add style, protection as well as as extra tire coverage for your truck. The flares are engineered in a way that they grip the side of the vehicle. Lookwise, the popular color for a fender flare is Black, but it can be easily painted to match the color of your truck.

Fender Flares for trucks

Prepare your truck for Summer – Cargo management accessories

May 17, 2013 at 9:32 pm

Summer time is coming and people are on the move. Outdoor activities are increasing, its time to carry your tents, bikes and other outdoor activity material on your truck. So how do you prepare for truck for the summer. Well there are many cargo management accessories available that will ensure your luggage is safe and sound. So here are a few cargo accessories that you will need for outdoor activity during summer

1)      Cargo Gate


Cargo Gate truck bed divider is easy to install. No mounting hardware or expensive track systems. Simply lift, lock, and load for the most professional cargo management system available today.

Each Original Cargo Gate is made from heavy-duty plastic, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel components. It adjusts and installs quick and easy. It’s the easiest way to keep your load secure.

On some pickups this gate may interfere with an existing tonneau cover or bed liner. You will need to refer to the gate dimensions in the guide to determine applicability.

2)      Cargo Bags


Whatever be the weather, Cargo Bag waterproof roof top carrier offers tough cargo protection in an aerodynamic design. A sloped front deflects water and air up and over the bag, which is constructed of durable fiberglass-reinforced waterproof material with heat-sealed seams. Lightweight, with over 11 cubic feet of storage capacity, the Aero Bag attaches with heavy-duty straps to your existing roof rack.

3)      Cargo Bars/Nets


Stretchable storage net – adjusts to fit most trunks, pickup truck beds or SUV rear cargo space. Three pockets to better organize and store groceries, gear, tools and other items.Safely secure cargo inside back of pickup trucks. Easy to install and holds up under extreme weather conditions.



Truck Accessories to protect your Pickup truck

May 10, 2013 at 2:40 pm

If you are someone who cares a lot about your truck and freaks out if there is even a small scratch on it then there are certain accessories and parts you can install to keep your truck protected. The good things about exterior modification parts is that they add style and sportiness to look of your truck. In this article I ll talk about few parts that you can install to protect your truck

Taillight Covers and Guards
Taillights are expensive, the cost of replacing a damaged taillight with labor included will go in hundred of dollars. So how do you keep your truck taillight protected and also make it look good at the same time? You can use taillight guards, which are grills made of steel that cover your truck’s taillight and protect it from getting damaged. If you want to add more protection and style then you can also use taillight covers which are available in Chrome and in various designs.


Taillight Guard

Fender Flares and Mud Flaps
Fender Flares are a great way to add style, protection and tire protection to your truck. Fender Flares are available in various styles and you can choose one that you feel is the most suited for your truck and which compliments your style.

The job of a Mud guard is to protect the side of your vehicle from rocks and keep it nice and clean from mud and tar. Mud guard is one of the least expensive way you can protect your truck and also make it look good. Mud flaps are good looking, easy to install and a great functional accessory for the truck.


Tonneau Covers
A great way to protect your truck bed is to install tonneau covers for your truck. They help protect the more compact items you’re hauling in your truck, and they also shield your truck bed from any wear and tear when it’s not being used for hauling. Tonneau covers are weather resistant and tightly secured to protect against rain, mud, exhaust, snow, and even dusty air particles. To learn more about Tonneau Covers, read Tonneau Cover Options for your truck.


Tonneau Covers

Truck Bed Accessories
Various bed related accessories are available to protect your truck bed from scratches and dents. Bed accessories are easy to install, make your truck look great and protects your truck bed from any damage. The bed related accessories that you can install are:

- Bed Rails

- Bed Caps

- Bed Extenders


Bed Rails

Accessories and parts to improve your Truck Gas Mileage

May 3, 2013 at 7:34 pm

With the Gas pricing going up, truck owners are looking at ways to modify their vehicles to improve the mileage. Below are the accessories that will help you improve the gas mileage of your truck

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau Covers not only protect your truck bed but also improve the aerodynamics of your truck which results in better gas mileage. Tonneau Cover improve the air flow by letting the air flow over the truck rather than into the truck bed, which creates drag. Each type of Tonneau Cover; Rollup, Retractable, Folding, Snap and Hinged help in giving the truck better aerodynamics and improved gas mileage.

Learn More about Tonneau Covers

Air Filters & Intakes

Dirty air filters stop the engine from sucking in clean air thereby reducing the efficiency of the engine which results in poor gas mileage. Hence it is highly advisable to replace the air filters on a regular basis. There are also filters available that are reusable and easily cleanable and last the life of your truck. Either way a good clean air filter helps in improving the gas mileage of your truck

In order to further improve gas mileage and also get the most horsepower out of your truck, you need to remove the restrictions put in the size of the air box and the air path running into the engine. An air intake completely replaces the airflow assembly which results in improved gas mileage, increased horsepower and torque. In short air filter and air intakes are like lungs, they help your truck to breathe better.

Learn More about Air Filters and Intakes

Exhaust Systems

The passage of air from the engine should be easy and should not make the engine choke up in its own dirty air. Mainly the stock exhaust systems have narrow pipes and tight bends which restrict the easy flow of air out of the system. Replacing the stock exhaust system with one which has wider, straighter pipe will result in a easier release of dirty air from the vehicle’s engine.

Learn More about Exhaust Systems

Apart from these modifications, regular truck maintenance and little TLC will help in improving your truck gas mileage and the life of your vehicle.

10 Reasons to Buy a Pickup Truck

April 26, 2013 at 3:53 pm

You don’t have to live in the country to own a pickup truck. The style and utility of today’s models are perfect for both men and women in the market for a new vehicle. Long gone are the days when only famers, construction workers and the like can rock a sturdy, efficient pickup. There are many reasons to buy a pickup truck, below are the top 10 deciding factors:


• You’re safer in a truck.

Trucks are big and heavy by nature, and they’re also safer than a regular compact car or sports vehicle. There are many factors that contribute to the safety of an individual involved in an accident, but when it comes down to it—would you rather be in a sturdy, lofty truck upon impact or a tiny crushable vehicle?

• Trucks grab a crowd’s attention.

Forget high-powered, bright yellow Ferraris; few cars grab the attention of the general public like a bright, shiny well-tailored pickup truck. What’s more, with the height you get while sitting atop your pickup perch, you’ll feel like the king of the road.

• You can haul anything.

Obviously towing stuff has always been a perk of owning a truck. However, with today’s models (many including a fifth wheel trailer hitch) you have more options for hauling than ever. Easily transport toys like motorcycles, jet skis, boats, and more, and be a hero to anyone that needs a little help getting a large item from here to there.

• Trucks are more comfortable than ever.

Those used to the old-style pickups might remember the cramped, overheated feeling of riding in an older truck model, but these days pickup trucks can come with comfortable seating for five, with a spacious amount of leg room, modern air conditioning, and luxury features like heated seats.

• Trucks can handle the toughest landscapes.

Luxury features don’t mean a wimpier model. Though today’s pickups are soft and cushy on the inside, they’re still rough, tough and adaptable on the outside. You won’t think twice about cruising down an uneven, rocky dirt road in your new pickup.

• Chicks dig ‘em.

Cute country girls love pickup trucks. And before the ladies reading lose interest in this post, remember: Dudes dig trucks too. A nice pickup can do a whole lot for your social life, way more than the latest compact care, anyway.

• You’re going to love having a truck bed.

The benefits of a cargo area are limitless. You can pretty much carry anything you’ve ever wanted to put in your car in your truck. You know that dirty mountain bike you wish you could transport? Chuck it in the back of your truck, strap it down and go! All you need to do to get rid of the evidence is simply hose off your cargo area.

• Your neighbors will love you.

Pickups are the saving grace for many people in need. But most don’t have the power of a pickup hiding away in their garage. With your modern pickup, you’ll be the hero of the neighborhood for anyone that needs a little hauling or a little help moving a big item. Before your lazy bone turns you off of this perk, remember that most return the favor with a delicious home cooked meal, a bottle of wine or a fabulous gift card. Score!

• Trucks are virtual toolboxes.

In essence, trucks are the ultimate tool for hauling and working on the road. But they’re also the ultimate toolbox to have at your disposal. Trucks can hold and haul pretty much anything you need for work or life, and they can even tow another vehicle altogether!

• Everyone should own one at some point in their life.

Most people think that the midlife crisis sports car purchase is the ultimate in vehicular obligation. But there is a new trend emerging. The solidarity and confidence that emanates from a truck owner gives others a sense of reliability and trust. You and your truck will be the saving grace of many people for many reasons, whether they are broken down on the side of the road or they need someone to bring a new mattress to their home. Be the person that everyone wants to rely on, and get a truck.

Top 5 Accessories for Your Truck Bed

April 19, 2013 at 2:26 pm

There are limitless options to improve the look and functionality of your truck. The addition of certain accessories for your truck bed can help improve the safety and security of the cargo you choose to haul or house in your vehicle, and certain options can even improve your fuel economy. The top five accessories for your truck bed are as follows:

Bed Caps


Bed caps not only give your vehicle a sleek, factory look, they also help protect your bed against rail damage. Truck bed caps by Wade and Putco are very easy and quick to install. Prevent scratches and dents from sullying the look of your vehicle with a matching tailgate and front cap. Other features include:

  • Compatibility with tool boxes, shells or cargo covers
  • Smooth or ribbed finish from Wade or stainless steel/aluminum from Putco
  • Available with or without stake holes

Tonneau Covers


Truck bed covers add an immense sense of style to your vehicle. The easy, no drill installation takes just about one hour. There are many advantages to adding a tonneau cover to your truck, including:

  • Improved fuel economy through concise airflow
  • Secure cargo when parked or driving
  • Optional bed track system available

Bed Extender


A truck bed extender allows you to carry precious cargo like motorcycles, landscaping equipment, watercrafts, and anything else you need to carry around in your truck bed. Ultimate Auto Accessories offers a custom bed extender that installs in minutes. Advantages include:

  • Ability to secure and carry items like tools, gear and gas cans, without the fear of them sliding around
  • Decreased threat of damage to your cargo
  • Easy transport of large or small loads

Truck Bed Liners


Ultimate Auto Accessories has three premium options for bedliners that are priced at a discount for your convenience. Installing a bedliner is:

  • Easy and convenient
  • Keeps your truck bed like new
  • Ensures the security of your cargo

Bed Rails


Bed rails from Steelcraft and Putco are available through Ultimate Auto Accessories for Ford models, Chevy, Dodge, GMA, Toyota, and Nissan. Advantages include:

  • No rust, stainless steel applications
  • Improved vehicle appearance
  • Multiple tie-down locations for any cargo in your truck bed
  • No-drill, easy installation on trucks with stake pockets

The immediate benefits of adding the abovementioned additions to your vehicle’s bed are the improved appearance and functionality after installation. The easy install of most accessories makes them a must to advance the life of your truck and the safety of the cargo you carry with it.

Tonneau Cover Options for Your Truck

April 11, 2013 at 8:12 pm

Tonneau covers, also known as truck bed covers, help protect the more compact items you’re hauling in your truck, and they also shield your truck bed from any wear and tear when it’s not being used for hauling. Tonneau covers are weather resistant and tightly secured to protect against rain, mud, exhaust, snow, and even dusty air particles.

Additional benefits of installing a tonneau cover for your truck include:

  • Improved fuel economy, due to streaming airflow
  • Secured cargo, whether you are parked or on the road
  • Easy no-drill installation process
  • Application specific to your bed size, with or without optional bed track system

Tonneau covers (or truck bed covers) can also add a stylish, pulled-together look to your vehicle, and you’ve got a lot of options to choose from to complete your look. Tonneau covers can be made from hard or soft materials, and they can include retractable versions, tri-fold versions, and even versions equipped with a tool box.

Ultimate Auto Accessories offers some premium tonneau cover choices, with unique features suited to meet the specific needs of truck owners. Learn more about these first-class tonneau cover choices explained below:

Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Covers


Known as the easiest, most convenient truck bed cover, the soft roll-up version ensures:

  • Speedy, no-fuss installation
  • Most affordable option available
  • Improved truck appearance
  • Great fuel economy
  • Maximized efficiency when using your truck

Folding/Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers


The most popular truck bed cover, the folding (tri-fold) tonneau option can be applied to nearly every truck model on the market. The option also comes with:

  • Great price and quick delivery
  • Easy-to-install kit with instructions
  • Quick open and closing capability
  • Improved fuel economy and truck appearance

Hinged Tonneau Cover


The hinged tonneau truck cover option will maximize the enjoyment and efficiency you find when using your truck. The hinged option is easily propped open to allow the use of the truck bed; however, this option still provides security for your belongings and truck interior. It also comes with all the standard benefits of a truck bed cover:

  • Improved gas mileage
  • Easy install for most every truck model on the market
  • Improved truck appearance
  • Easy open and close procedure
  • Immediate delivery

RollBak Retractable Tonneau Cover


This truck bed cover option is sure to impress! The Rollbak Retractable tonneau cover is 100% powder coated aluminum armor for your vehicle. It provides all-season weather security, as well as:

  • Full access to stake pocket holes
  • E-Z glide retractable action
  • Intermittent locking for every foot

Tonneau Covers: Which Type is Right for You?

Choosing the right tonneau cover all depends on your specific needs: what you use your truck for, what truck model you own, how you want your truck to look, and what your budget is.

Ultimate Auto Accessories has plenty of great quality, easy to install truck bed covers in stock and ready to be delivered at a moments notice. Contact Us today to discuss an order.

The Benefits of Having a Floor Mat for Your Truck

April 4, 2013 at 8:50 pm

So, what’s the big deal about floor mats? Why the need to have a good quality mat when your truck carpet is enough?


Without any further ado, let me just mention some of the hazards of common truck carpets:

  • All the mud, moisture, dirt, and gravel from your shoes gets stuck to your carpet, making it dirty and foul smelling overtime
  • If you like eating in your truck (which I sure you do) then any soda, food, or coffee dropped on the carpet will make a permanent stain
  • There is very little or no friction between your feet and your truck, which can also be hazardous while entering or exiting the truck
  • Gum or pieces of mud from your shoes dries and turns into a sticky-or worse-hard mess.
  • A dirty carpet smells bad and makes the truck interior look dirty and unappealing to both drivers and passengers

Now that you have looked at the downside of not having floor mats, let’s look at some of the benefits of having a floor mat for your truck:

  • Floor mats protect your truck from the stains that could devalue your vehicle
  • Any food, coffee or soda you drop can be easily cleaned and also does not leave a stain on the interior of your truck’s original carpet
  • If you install all-weather floor mats, you can have protection from severe weather all year round
  • Any mud, water, dirt, etc. gets trapped in the floor mat and doesn’t reach your truck floor, preventing it from getting stained and dirty
  • Floor mats provide better foot friction while entering, exiting or driving the vehicle
  • Finally, floor mats also give a nice and stylish look to the interior of your truck

You can get floor mats based on the region you live in and the weather conditions there. If you live in a region where you experience all sorts of weather, all-weather floor mats are for you. They will protect your vehicle from muddy, water-drenched shoes and/or dirty, snow covered boots. If you live in the southwest, where the weather gets dry, you can settle for stylish floor mats.

At Ultimate Auto Accessories, you will find floor mats of different types and brands to serve your needs.
The various brands we carry are:

  • Lloyd Custom Made Floor Mats
  • Nifty Mats
  • Husky Mats
  • WeatherTech Mats
  • Fan Mat Team Logo Mats

Camo truck accessories for your Pick up truck

March 30, 2013 at 11:53 pm

So, You are an outdoor enthusiast who puts his stuff on the truck bed and goes outdoor for camping or hunting. What are some extremely cool ways to modify your truck exterior so that fits the outdoor surrounding perfectly? Camo truck accessories or camouflage truck accessories that blend your truck perfectly with the environment.

Tiger, the most dangerous of the big cats also uses camouflage as a technique to attack on its prey. The stripes on the tiger perfectly blend in with the forest trees. The prey is unaware of the presence of the tiger and gets attacked. Similarly Camo truck accessories provide various parts which you can install on your truck and make it look like a part of the surrounding.

Camo offers various truck accessories that you can install on your truck. The different parts are:

-          Camo Bug deflectors

-          Camo Rain guards

-          Camo sunroof deflectors

-          Camo mud flaps

-          Camo Tail light covers

-          Camo Fender Flares

-          Camo Hood Shields

-          Camo Vent Visors

Camo parts are built with highest standard possible quality materials. Before the products are shipped out to dealers, the parts are tested in extreme outdoor condition to check for durability and strength. All camo parts are printed with Ultra violet stable light fast ink in order to reduce the fading when exposed to sunlight. This not only keeps the parts looking like new forever but also increases their lifetime. Moreover, of you want to install camo parts on the truck as per your choice, Stampede Camo products can also be custom made according to the specifications of your truck.

You have a choice to choose for 7 different patterns for your trucks. The licensed camo truck patterns are Mossy Oak, Matthew and Realtree


Below are pictures of Camo Truck accessories on Dodge and Ford Pickup trucks


Camo parts on a Dodge Ram Truck


Camo pattern on a Ford Pickup truck