All You Need to Know About Nerf Bars for Your Truck

March 22, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Nerf bars are used for convenience purposes to make it easier for you to enter and exit your truck. They also give your vehicle a sporty look. Nerf bars were initially fitted to the side of race cars to protect them. Race car drivers would intentionally collide their cars with other cars while overtaking one another at turns, which would damage the side of the vehicles. Thus, nerf bars were employed to protect the side of the cars and prevent tires from becoming entangled.

GMC Truck Nerf Bars

Key Features of Nerf Bars

- Allows for easy entry and exit

- Gives the vehicle a stylish and sporty look

- Easy installation, without any drilling (usually takes under an hour)

- Available in various types: cab length, wheel to wheel or oval

- Available with polished, stainless steel, chrome or black powdercoat finish

Types of Nerf Bars

Signature Series Step Bars


These nerf bars by Westin use a 3” diameter, mild steel tubing. They use a chrome plating or a smooth black powder coat that’s great to look at. The bars also come with UV-resistant step pads which are great for footing. The bars can be easily mounted on the existing frame holes without the need of any drilling. Learn more about Signature Series Step Bars


Aries Nerf Bars



These nerf bars give a new, sporty and rugged look to your vehicle. Aries nerf bars are made from mirror polished stainless steel. The nerf bars are also available with a tough, rugged black powder coat finish. The nerf bars can be custom designed for each pickup truck, and are easily installed with no drilling. Learn more about Aries Nerf Bars


Steelcraft Nerf Bars

Steel Craft Nerf Bars

These nerf bars use a unique approach to tabular steel manufacturing and customer service. The different types of Steelcraft nerf bars available are:

- 3” sidebar

- 5” Oval sidebars

- 5” wheel to Wheel

- 5” Widestep Oval premium

- 6” Big Foot Oval Sidebar

- Premium 4” Curved Oval Tubes

Learn More about SteelCraft Nerf Bars


Bully Nerf Bars


These add the perfect finishing touch to your customized truck. They are available in polished stainless steel constructed with mirror polished T-304 stainless steel tubing. And they come along with mounting brackets for each application, ensuring an easy install and a perfect fit. More importantly, there’s no drilling required for most installations. Learn More about Bully Nerf Bars.


PutCo Nerf Bars


These nerf bars also require no drilling, with customized mounting brackets for each installation. They are the first 4″ diameter oversized stainless nerf bar, and they even come with a lifetime warranty. Putco Nerf Bars feature sturdy, never-rust, stainless tubing with a mirror finish as well as non-skid tread step pads. Wheel to wheel versions are available. Learn more about PutCo Nerf Bars


Nfab Nerf Steps


Most of these have a 445lb weight, the highest in the industry. They include drop down steps, equipped with welded step pads that won’t break or shatter like competing models. All nerf steps are one piece units for faster installation, without brackets. In addition, the main bar sits high and tight, hiding the vehicles frame on all models; this not only looks better, it provides added protection from debris.

No drilling required on most models including:

- Ford (year 1999 & up)

- Chevy (2007 & up)

- GMC (2007 & up)

- All Nissan models

- All Toyota models

***PLEASE NOTE: Pinch weld drilling required on all Dodge up to 1998, Ford up to 2006 and Chevy/GMC.

Learn More about Nfab Nerf Steps


PowerStep Retractable Running Boards


The first fully automated running board available on the market. The retractable running boards are triggered by an electronic signal from the vehicle’s door sensors, extending to a convenient stepping height in about a second. The automated steps are powered by an encased motor that is mounted easily under the vehicle and lowered when any door is opened.

A closed door sends the automatic running board retracting to the concealed pocket behind the vehicles OEM rocker panels: It’s so cleverly hidden, you won’t even notice it’s there. Other perks include:

- Lowers in one second when doors are are opened.

- Retracts behind rocker panels when doors are closed.

- Includes 600 lb. capacity per side.

- Five year warranty.

- Complete with wiring, mounting hardware and instructions.

Learn more about PowerStep Retractable Running Boards