Accessories to make your truck look sporty

May 24, 2013 at 8:28 pm

Let’s face the truth, the pickup trucks that we have in the market all look good and sturdy. Weather its the mean look of Dodge Ram or the Sturdy robust design of Ford F-series, Pick-up trucks have good styling. However If you still want to add more style and make your truck look sporty, there are many exterior accessories that you can install to achieve this. Below are a few

Bull Bars

Bull Bars add an extra touch of ruggedness look to your pickup truck with extra front grille protection. Bull bars boast solid steel cover for vulnerable grille detail. Protecting just the middle, a bull bar stands duty without an overly dominating appearance. And, many bull bars come in rugged black or smooth polished finishes. Moreover, Bull Bars look great on a truck whether they are with or without Lights.

Ford Truck Accessory - Bull Bars

Bull Bar without Lights

Ford Truck Accessory - Bull bars

Bull Bars with Lights

Hood Scoops

A simple and an easy way to add high performance look to your truck is to install Hood Scoops. With no drilling necessary, hood scoops are the easiest to fit. Hood Scoop gives your truck the performance and the sporty look that they lack. It is not necessary, that you have to use both, but the combination of a Bull Bar and a hood scoop will make the front end of your car look sporty. Other cars will immediately give you way when they will spot your car in their rear view mirror.

Truck accessories - hood scoops

Fender Flares

With Fender flares you can add style, protection as well as as extra tire coverage for your truck. The flares are engineered in a way that they grip the side of the vehicle. Lookwise, the popular color for a fender flare is Black, but it can be easily painted to match the color of your truck.

Fender Flares for trucks