Accessories and parts to improve your Truck Gas Mileage

May 3, 2013 at 7:34 pm

With the Gas pricing going up, truck owners are looking at ways to modify their vehicles to improve the mileage. Below are the accessories that will help you improve the gas mileage of your truck

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau Covers not only protect your truck bed but also improve the aerodynamics of your truck which results in better gas mileage. Tonneau Cover improve the air flow by letting the air flow over the truck rather than into the truck bed, which creates drag. Each type of Tonneau Cover; Rollup, Retractable, Folding, Snap and Hinged help in giving the truck better aerodynamics and improved gas mileage.

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Air Filters & Intakes

Dirty air filters stop the engine from sucking in clean air thereby reducing the efficiency of the engine which results in poor gas mileage. Hence it is highly advisable to replace the air filters on a regular basis. There are also filters available that are reusable and easily cleanable and last the life of your truck. Either way a good clean air filter helps in improving the gas mileage of your truck

In order to further improve gas mileage and also get the most horsepower out of your truck, you need to remove the restrictions put in the size of the air box and the air path running into the engine. An air intake completely replaces the airflow assembly which results in improved gas mileage, increased horsepower and torque. In short air filter and air intakes are like lungs, they help your truck to breathe better.

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Exhaust Systems

The passage of air from the engine should be easy and should not make the engine choke up in its own dirty air. Mainly the stock exhaust systems have narrow pipes and tight bends which restrict the easy flow of air out of the system. Replacing the stock exhaust system with one which has wider, straighter pipe will result in a easier release of dirty air from the vehicle’s engine.

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Apart from these modifications, regular truck maintenance and little TLC will help in improving your truck gas mileage and the life of your vehicle.