5 Things To Consider When Buying Aftermarket Dodge Truck Parts

March 1, 2013 at 3:24 pm

As a truck owner, you’re probably not just satisfied with the factory parts that come standard with every other Dodge truck. You want to stand out and add some customizations to your truck. This is done through buying aftermarket parts such as grills, grill guards, lowering/lifting kits, tonneau covers, mud flaps, and more. Through the use of aftermarket parts, you can transform your dull looking Ram or Dakota into a one of a kind road warrior.

Before you dive in and just start buying aftermarket parts like there’s no tomorrow, there are some things you have to consider first. This will save you time and money when you start buying aftermarket parts for your Dodge.

1: How much do you want to spend?

The very first thing you have to consider is what your budget is. The cost of aftermarket parts can really start to add up quickly. You might start out with buying a truck bed cover, and then before you know it you’re buying suspension kits, struts and other aftermarket parts that eat away at your wallet. In order to avoid this, create a budget for truck parts. Outline how much money you want to go toward the interior, exterior, performance parts, etc. This will help you out when it comes time to price parts and figure out how much you can afford.

A majority of Dodge aftermarket parts come in different grades of quality. You might have a low quality lifting kit, mid quality, and high quality. By determining your budget before hand, you’ll avoid the dilemma of having to figure out what grade of parts you want to buy.

2: What aftermarket parts do you want?

The next step will be determining which parts you want to buy. Some people like to focus strictly on performance aftermarket parts, others simply want to improve the look of their truck. Some want to completely customize every aspect of their truck. Take a look at our list of Dodge truck accessories to get an idea of different aftermarket parts you can buy for your truck. Make a list of the parts you want to buy.

Remember to keep your budget in the back of your mind. You can add as many parts to your truck as you wish, but just be mindful that you can’t exceed your budget. Anything that doesn’t fit into your budget will have to wait until later.

3: What order do you want to upgrade?

Most people don’t install a bunch of aftermarket parts on all at the same time. Adding new parts usually happens over the entire period you have your truck. This is done for a few reasons. The primary reason is because of costs. Most people cannot afford to load up on aftermarket parts all at once. It’s much easier to make your upgrades over time and make the changes piece by piece.

Another reason you should plan out the order in which you want to install aftermarket parts is because you may decide that certain parts don’t go well with others. For instance, you may buy a new grill for your truck and decide that a grill cover would detract from the look of the grill.

4: Where will you buy your parts?

Buying aftermarket Dodge truck parts can be tricky. You might not know what parts are compatible with your year and model Dodge. Luckily at Ultimate Auto Accessories we allow you to search your vehicle by year and model in order to ensure that you only get aftermarket parts that are compatible with your truck. Trying to guess and make assumptions leads to buying the wrong parts. Make sure you get the correct parts the first time and order your aftermarket truck parts from us.

5: Who will be installing the parts?

For simple things like adding a truck bed cover or interior alterations, you can easily make the change yourself. However, some people do not feel comfortable installing lifting kits and struts on their truck. If you do not want to make the entire truck a DIY project, you want to make sure you have a mechanic to do the work for you. Some shops will not install parts that are not bought through them. This is usually due to possible liability issues. So if you’re not going to be installing the aftermarket truck parts yourself, find a mechanic that is willing to do it for you.