10 Reasons to Buy a Pickup Truck

April 26, 2013 at 3:53 pm

You don’t have to live in the country to own a pickup truck. The style and utility of today’s models are perfect for both men and women in the market for a new vehicle. Long gone are the days when only famers, construction workers and the like can rock a sturdy, efficient pickup. There are many reasons to buy a pickup truck, below are the top 10 deciding factors:


• You’re safer in a truck.

Trucks are big and heavy by nature, and they’re also safer than a regular compact car or sports vehicle. There are many factors that contribute to the safety of an individual involved in an accident, but when it comes down to it—would you rather be in a sturdy, lofty truck upon impact or a tiny crushable vehicle?

• Trucks grab a crowd’s attention.

Forget high-powered, bright yellow Ferraris; few cars grab the attention of the general public like a bright, shiny well-tailored pickup truck. What’s more, with the height you get while sitting atop your pickup perch, you’ll feel like the king of the road.

• You can haul anything.

Obviously towing stuff has always been a perk of owning a truck. However, with today’s models (many including a fifth wheel trailer hitch) you have more options for hauling than ever. Easily transport toys like motorcycles, jet skis, boats, and more, and be a hero to anyone that needs a little help getting a large item from here to there.

• Trucks are more comfortable than ever.

Those used to the old-style pickups might remember the cramped, overheated feeling of riding in an older truck model, but these days pickup trucks can come with comfortable seating for five, with a spacious amount of leg room, modern air conditioning, and luxury features like heated seats.

• Trucks can handle the toughest landscapes.

Luxury features don’t mean a wimpier model. Though today’s pickups are soft and cushy on the inside, they’re still rough, tough and adaptable on the outside. You won’t think twice about cruising down an uneven, rocky dirt road in your new pickup.

• Chicks dig ‘em.

Cute country girls love pickup trucks. And before the ladies reading lose interest in this post, remember: Dudes dig trucks too. A nice pickup can do a whole lot for your social life, way more than the latest compact care, anyway.

• You’re going to love having a truck bed.

The benefits of a cargo area are limitless. You can pretty much carry anything you’ve ever wanted to put in your car in your truck. You know that dirty mountain bike you wish you could transport? Chuck it in the back of your truck, strap it down and go! All you need to do to get rid of the evidence is simply hose off your cargo area.

• Your neighbors will love you.

Pickups are the saving grace for many people in need. But most don’t have the power of a pickup hiding away in their garage. With your modern pickup, you’ll be the hero of the neighborhood for anyone that needs a little hauling or a little help moving a big item. Before your lazy bone turns you off of this perk, remember that most return the favor with a delicious home cooked meal, a bottle of wine or a fabulous gift card. Score!

• Trucks are virtual toolboxes.

In essence, trucks are the ultimate tool for hauling and working on the road. But they’re also the ultimate toolbox to have at your disposal. Trucks can hold and haul pretty much anything you need for work or life, and they can even tow another vehicle altogether!

• Everyone should own one at some point in their life.

Most people think that the midlife crisis sports car purchase is the ultimate in vehicular obligation. But there is a new trend emerging. The solidarity and confidence that emanates from a truck owner gives others a sense of reliability and trust. You and your truck will be the saving grace of many people for many reasons, whether they are broken down on the side of the road or they need someone to bring a new mattress to their home. Be the person that everyone wants to rely on, and get a truck.